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Agility Jump-Start Program

One of the top reasons people say their agile projects fail is that they don't have enough experience with agile! Training is important—developers need to learn agile skills—but it's not enough. If you're adopting agile practices, you'll need training and you'll need experienced help.

An Agility Jump-Start Program is designed to not only train individuals in the skills they'll need to be successful in agile practices. The Jump-Start Program also includes professional help to actually get ready for and to perform your first Sprint!

The Agility Jump-Start Program consists of four elements:

1. Training for developers, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters for your agile team.

2. Professional coaching through your project startup including identifying key Scrum roles and holding workshops to develop your initial Product Backlog.

3. Professional coaching through Product Backlog estimation, release planning (if needed), and your first Sprint Planning. Support during your first Sprint to help you work through the initial learning experience of actually doing Scrum is also included!

4. Finally, coaching through your first Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective to learn the best ways to review your product and to evaluate your processes.

And it's affordable! For the cost of just training a typical Scrum team, you can get the Agility Jump-Start Program for the same price! You can find more information on our Agility Jump-Start Program page.