Agility Software

Agile training, coaching, and consulting

Have questions about Agile? We have many options to work with your team and company to adopt agile software development practices.

If you are already working with agile yet struggling to make the pieces fit, we can assess your current practices and provide advice on how to accelerate your agile results.

We can provide private classes to developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, managers and executives. Classes in your facility saves you money and can provide for a more comfortable learning environment. We can arrange a package of courses to target your specific needs, on an individualized basis.

For most teams, training is not enough. On-going coaching is crucial to the successful adoption of agile techniques. An agile coach can also help you overcome sticking points: Daily Scrums not working? Retrospectives just gripe sessions? Are you looking for more velocity? We have coached many teams to better agile performance.

Assessments, classes, and coaching can be combined to more cost-effectively achieve your agile goals. Contact Agility Software  today and we can help you solve the puzzle of agile software development.